I’m back with the monthly post about photography! This month I couldn’t manage to take a picture every day, in fact the theme I chose did not particularly inspire me… However, I changed some of my best photos in B&W and put here the ones where the effect is greater.

If you are curious to see them, browse the gallery and above all, what will be the February theme?

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Gluten free pita with lamb meatballs


Recipes with leftovers are always the best… I prepared this delicious dinner just putting together meat, vegs and fruit I needed to use them up or they would have gone off and that’s it! A really tasty pita bread with lamb meatballs and the best salad ever! Apologies, the photo isn’t very good, I didn’t plan to put this recipe on the blog, but it was so good I decided to report here the recipe for you! I used the Bfree gluten free pita bread that I bought from ASDA, that was really good!

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How to organise a small fridge

Receiving a fresh box or organic vegetables every week, I have always a lot of veg to store in the fridge plus the regular items I buy (like dairy, eggs, fish and meat etc.), and considering that I have a very small fridge I decided to organise everything within little boxes to save space and to make food easy to find and to not forget something in the bottom of the fridge…

Here are some tips on how to make your fridge tidy and to make food easy to find.

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365 photo project: December


Here I am! The first month of this project is already gone! It wasn’t easy to have creative ideas everyday but I tried… Here are 31 photos of this month of festivity and one of my favourite month of the year! If you are curious to see all the photos or you missed some, browse the gallery and… above all, what will be the January theme?

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Places to visit in Scotland: Highlands road trip in 3 days


About a month ago I found out that in Forres, a little town near Inverness, there would be a show in technicolour “Colours of Cluny” that takes place inside a wood (you can see here what is it) and I thought that I totally couldn’t miss it! I started to dream as soon as I read about this initiative. Thus, my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of this trip to the north through the central Highlands region, one of the most beautiful places in the whole Scotland, so we organized the journey to cross it. We departed from Glasgow and we made a kind of circular road trip (as you can see from the map below).

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3 tasty ideas for pumpkin risotto


“Pumpkin lovers”, here I am again! Today I come back with a pumpkin risotto! In particular, I will show you the three variations that I cook more often, and there is also a new entry: the white pumpkin, never seen before! It’s not bad, it is a bit less tasty than the orange one but is good, especially within the risotto!! The risotto is one of my favourite dishes and the one I make more often because it’s fast and I can put almost everything into it, so I have a long list of risotto recipes, but today I will show you these 3 made with pumpkin…

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