How to organise a small fridge

Receiving a fresh box or organic vegetables every week, I have always a lot of veg to store in the fridge plus the regular items I buy (like dairy, eggs, fish and meat etc.), and considering that I have a very small fridge I decided to organise everything within little boxes to save space and to make food easy to find and to not forget something in the bottom of the fridge…

Here are some tips on how to make your fridge tidy and to make food easy to find.

I used these baskets bought from Ikea, but you can find cheaper options on Amazon, I had to use these because they are the only ones with the right measures for my very small fridge…


On the top shelf I’ve put dairy products like butter, cream cheese, milk, yoghurt, gorgonzola etc… and also some jars… On the other shelf I’ve put both little vegs or in small portions vegetables (e.g. chilli peppers, lemons, celery, 1 fennel etc…).

On the shelf below I sorted out the carrots, I’ve also cut the biggest ones in slices and grated them, so they are ready either for a salad, or chips, or other recipes and they take less space.

An entire shelf is needed for onions and the drawer is for green veg: e.g. salad, kale, cabbage etc…

In the space between the two boxes I put fish or meat, but I don’t buy a lot of them and usually I freeze them. If you eat less vegetables, you can use two boxes for meat and/or fish.

I hope this post has been useful!

See you soon!



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